Friday, September 28, 2018


CHARESTON, SC-native New York City-based POWER 105.1 The BREAKFAST CLUB Host-Cultural Critic-TV Personality-Author CHARLAMAGNE Tha GOD has recently released his second book SHOOK ONE: ANXIETY Playing TRICKS On ME, is leading a Master Class at ROLLING OUT: R.I.D.E. CONFERENCE 2018, and; is the cover story for the new issue of ROLLING OUT Magazine!!!

Here are are few interview interludes:

Do you believe technology is taking us further away from being truth tellers and instead allowing everyone to have their own brand of news or truth?
Of course. It also allows us to pick and choose what we consider news. We had Andrew Gillum on “The Breakfast Club” back in February and again in June, so when you see headlines saying media wasn’t covering him, that isn’t true. Those interviews get less attention than when Mo’Nique is barking at me, but we cover as much as we can.
Do you believe we are desensitized as a community because of what we are constantly inundated with?
We are totally desensitized, but it’s been that way. You see people murdered, stabbed, blood everywhere, and it’s all on your timeline. People are also easily manipulated by what they see. This can be a good thing, but it’s mostly used irresponsibly. I’ve used it to push certain social issues that are important because I know if I get certain people to post others will follow, so it brings attention to certain causes, which is cool.
Did the recent attention to mental health issues inspire your new book, Shook One?
Yes and no. I was diagnosed 10 years ago with anxiety, but I realized I always dealt with it. Back when I was in the streets, I just thought it was part of the lifestyle. Honestly, you could see how someone living that lifestyle could suffer from anxiety because you aren’t doing the right things. There are always consequences. You got to constantly be watching your back. But for me, once I was out of that lifestyle and things are good, [the] family’s good and you still are feeling those same anxious feelings, then you know something is wrong.
You are doing a master class at rolling out‘s RIDE conference, and your session deals with the importance of entrepreneurship. In your opinion, why is entrepreneurship so important to the Black community?
Like Jay-Z says, financial freedom is our only way out. I don’t know why Black folks keep waiting on the White man to come help them. It’s obvious he isn’t coming. Entrepreneurship is the key. We have to teach our children to own their own businesses, and not only that but [also] to hire other Black people in those businesses. We have to hire each other and become patrons of each other.


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