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The truly heroic folks at SPORTS ILLUSTRATED Magazine have endured the endless days and sleepless nights to narrow down the current aspiring group of bathing beauties to be featured in 2019 SPORTS ILLUSTRATED SWIMSUIT ISSUE to the FINAL 16!!!

Two of the FINAL 16 are PLUS SIZE MODELS.

PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE reports NEW YORK CITY-residing I PM Models who happen also to really be great friends JAZZMEN CARTHONVERONICA POME'E , and; the other Final 16 selections celebrated their achievement with a grand trip to MIAMI and at the opportunity to carry their candy cakes down the runway at PARIS FASHION FAIR 2018.

Nation of TONGA-native VERONICA POME'E  won the ASHLEY STEWART MODEL SEARCH 2015 and was the cover story for PLUSMODEL MAGAZINE: 10th ANNIVERSARY ISSUE. She is the first POLYNESIAN model to be featured in the annual swimsuit tribute.

Chocolate-Covered JAZZMINE CARTOONC enjoyed the spotlight during her time as a contestant on PROJECT RUNWAY - SEASON 16.


Don’t let something as small as fear get you stuck in mediocrity. If there is something that you want to do, something that you think will make YOU a better person, DO IT! Even if it means leaving everything that you know to chase a dream. Everyone may not be able to understand your resilience or see your vision but that is because they are not looking through your eyes. If YOU see it, GO FOR IT!! Be fearless in your leaps of faith and keep smiling! Everything always works out ☀️. And remember... nothing GREAT comes from comfort zones!! Thanks @si_swimsuit @mj_day @ipmmodels #SISwimSearch #Sweet16 📸 @saw.artist • • • • • • • • #SISwimSearch #Final16 #SportsIllustrated #GOODSQUAD #ProjectRunway #ModelJazzmine #ProjectRunway16Models #plussizefashion #plussizemodel #plussize #respectmyhair #hairgoals #curlyhairgoals #plusisequal #plus #nymodel #lamodel #ipmmodels #celebratemysize #isyourmelaninonfleek #blackmodel #curlyhair #hairgoals #sexyisnotasize #plusisequal #celebratemysize #goldenconfidence #honormycurves #viral #explorepage
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I tried to wait until my happy tears dried and my nerves calmed down to post but here I am, a whole day and a half later and I’m still crying and my nerves are still a wreck (in a good way, of course lol)!! I can barely put into words (seriously, I’ve erased & rewritten this caption several times now 🤦🏾‍♀️) how overjoyed I am, how grateful I feel, and how hard it is for me to even understand how I got here. I’ve literally had to give myself pep talks about how I deserve to be here on this runway with the other individually beautiful women to represent my own kind of beauty! I’m here to represent the beauty that has brown skin, thick thighs, curls, cellulite, and above all of that, CONFIDENCE!!! I feel so honored to be amongst such a diverse and powerful group of women who didn’t come here to tear each other down and really spent the past few days uplifting each other, hyping each other up, crying on each other’s swimsuits, and learning how to do the “Kiki, Do You Love Me” dance lol. @mj_day and the @si_swimsuit team surely picked an awesome #Sweet16 for this year’s #SISwimSearch. Thank you @si_swimsuit so much for seeing a special light in me and giving me this platform to help me share it with the world! And a special thank you to everyone for your well wishes, positive vibes, prayers, and congratulations. Your support has fully surpassed my expectations and I appreciate the love more than you know!! I really hope you all feel as amazing and triumphant as we did out on that runway!! Another step towards a more diverse, inclusive, and multidimensional industry is a win for ALL of us!!! [Look 2 of 3 for the @si_swimsuit @paraisofashionfair runway show]
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So proud to announce my FIRST cover with @plusmodelmag!!! This season of Change, God has touched my heart in more ways than one and I'm inspirited to be that vessel of influence. I really don't know what I'm doing😆but paying attention to positive energy♻️ and following my heart✨has brought me this far and I'm just so thankful to everyone who really funks with your girl the REAL way! You all know my struggle, I've always felt like the underdog my entire life, and I wasn't always this confident to say the least about anything I've ever done in my life. What started out as community activism with @ChangeinLove because at the time I wasn't working or in school so I adjusted to the if " I am doing nothing I can still be doing something" mentality. It has helped me learn so much about myself and so many troubled teens like myself who lose themselves to conditional thinking and behavior patterns by society. It took me a while understand my own potential and apply that message to my own self-discovery journey. The GLO'up is a never ending process.....this is truly, only the beginning🙏🏽✨ MAJOR THANKS to @plusmodelmag @desbasphotography @shoploveyourz for this amazing cover shot!!!
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I truly believe #ThisBodyIsMadeFor INSPIRATION. I have grown to love myself unconditionally and have discovered my own strengths in every curve, dimple, and stretch mark on my body. I have learned to appreciate the stories of courage radiating from my skin and the unspoken poetry in the knots of my hair. I am going through life appreciating my own journey and self-evolution and realizing my worth along the way! But if there's one thing that I want out of this process is the ability to INSPIRE other people to love themselves, value themselves, and to realize the uniqueness of their personal pathways to more success 😉🔑, prosperity, and ultimate self-actualization. I think loving yourself and accepting yourself unconditionally is the biggest part of finding true happiness and once you do that, everything else will fall into place. #BeAuthenticallyYou #TrustYourJourney #RadiatePositivity #Pray and #GoLOVEyourself 🌻.
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