Monday, June 25, 2018


Memphis-native Rapper BLAC YOUNGSTER is the cover story for the new issue of ROLLING OUT Magazine!!!

Here are a few interview interludes:

What did you think would be your experience with the industry?
I mean, I feel like I messed up in a lot of ways because I come from the streets, and I tried to bring the street rules [into] the business. When you [are] in the streets, you know you can’t do this and can’t do that. But in the music industry, you could do whatever. You can talk a whole bunch of mess, but have security and be moving with security. But I’m coming from the streets, so I’m not about to move with  [any]  security. But when you make it, it’s different. You can’t look at a man and call him any less street or look down on him because he has security. He [is] just being smart
I feel like a lot of artists blow their chance to make it because they’re so focused on trying to keep it street? Did you experience those growing pains?
Yeah, I feel like I may have missed out on some chances with the whole beef situation, but I was still able to create a character where people took a liking to me and could still learn who I am. I feel like some people may have thought, “Oh, that boy is too violent,” and they may not have wanted to work with me. But really I just wanted to have fun, so I had to stop and think, what makes me different?
When I first came out, I always had guns, and I used to show guns in all my music videos. But then I thought this is cool and all, but how am I different? What do I stand for? I know I’m solid. I know I’m 100, and everybody says that.  I come from the hood, and everyone has that story, but what makes me different? Then I realized what makes me different is I just want to be happy and funny. I really just want to smile. I just want to be positive. So I started cleaning my page up, and I started being myself and showing on camera what I actually want to be and who I am. 
What has it been like traveling the country and the world? What are some places that you never thought you would go or places that shocked you when you got there?
I think [it was] when I went to Canada. I went to Canada when I first started going on the road, and it was Gotti’s first time going, too. It was fun because, when you [are] rolling with Gotti, he [has] been everywhere, but this was our first time in Canada, so it was fun seeing him [be] just as amazed as I was. Because I want to be where he [is], and I’m just starting [out], … I knew that this was really an amazing opportunity and experience.
How do you make yourself stand out in the competitive rap industry, where there seems to be an abundance of talented people? 
When I first came out, a lot of people were against me. Over time, a lot of those people realized that I was actually just living my life. … I was able to show them who I am and make them get it. But I think what really makes me stand out is I never changed. The success never made me different. I still [have] morals, I [have] respect, and I’m all about loyalty. This is me. This where I come from, and this how I was born.


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