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Chocolate-Covered AFRO LATINA Entertainer AMARA LA NEGRA is a first-generation American descendant from the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, stars on VH1 Reality show LOVE & HIP HOP: MIAMI, and, is the cover story for the new issue of ROLLING OUT Magazine!!!

Here are a few interview interludes:

Who is Amara Le Negra?
Amara Le Negra is an artist. She is slightly rebellious, but she has a big, happy, bubbly personality. She sings, acts, dances … she does a little bit of everything. She’s working to cross over into the American market now. When she was 7 years old, what was she doing? In school, I was always in singing or acting, for the most part. My favorite classes were those and science. Even though I have this big, happy, bubbly personality, I can be very socially awkward. I would do kids’ homework for money. I sold erasers and pencils. For the most part, my activities were singing, acting, dancing … anything that had to do with the entertainment industry. 
What has changed about your life?
I’m definitely busier now. I’m working and promoting more in the American market. I was always touring to Honduras, Guatemala, Chile, Dominican Republic and in Europe. I still have my fan base there. Just being able to now have a new fan base [in America] feels really nice. But I still live in the same place. I still drive the same car. I still shop in the thrift store, in clearance and sale sections. I’m still regular. I’m still me and I’d never want to change that.

You’ve been very vocal about colorism. Is there a difference with this issue in the States vs. abroad?
I feel like there are colorism issues all over the world. I just think people focus on what personally affects them and it usually is caused by what surrounds you. I believe — from my perspective and being able to see it from both aspects as an Afro-Latina being born in the United States — here people feel that their struggle is more with the Caucasians. It’s Black against White for the most part. But, when it comes to the Latino community, we can be very racist amongst each other. I never like to generalize, but there is a good amount of people in the Latino community that are racist. I’ve lived it through my own people.
When did you first have this experience?
I always recall being 6 years old working on this TV show while getting my hair done backstage. The hairstylist told my mom, “You need to do something with her hair because her hair is unmanageable and we don’t have time for this.” The other girls’ hair texture was different. I remember looking at my mom’s face and that look that she gave me. I will always carry it with me because that was the day that I understood that I was different. My mother always told me, because you’re Black you’re going to have to work twice as hard to be recognized for your work.
What are your thoughts on cosmetic surgery?
I got my boobs done and I regret it a little bit. I am transparent like that so I’ll say it. I was naturally born with a big butt, with hips. with thighs. I did feel a little less confident because certain clothes you couldn’t wear. I was in an awful relationship and my ex used to make me feel bad about it and it did make me feel insecure like my song ["Insecure”]. I always said I wanted to get my boobs done and I did and now I have boobs. Great. Sometimes, to be honest, they are in the way and they’re heavy. … I don’t oppose you changing your hair, surgeries, whatever makes you happy, do it, not because you feel pressured.


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