Monday, April 16, 2018


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Last week, former unsigned NFL Free Agent QB COLIN KAP KAEPERNICK was scheduled for a workout with the SEATTLE SEAHAWKS!!!

ESPN later reported that the SEATTLE SEAHAWKS decided to postpone the COLIN KAEPERNICK VISIT because he would not guarantee the organization that he would not stop his STAR-SPANGLED BANNER PROTESTS.

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED  reported that former SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS teammate Strong Safety #35 ERIC REID was one of the first players to join Kaepernick in protest, and, is currently also an unsigned NFL Free Agent.

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED  reports that the SEAHAWKS scheduled KAP for a visit because they were actively seeking a backup QB for starting QB #3 RUSSELL WILSON.

HOWEVER; they have now signed STEPHEN MORRIS as their brand-spankin' new backup QB.

STEPHEN MORRIS played his college football with the MIAMI HURRICANES, where after four seasons, he amassed a 57.7% pass completion rate. He went undrafted in 2014, but; eventually signed with the BALTIMORE RAVENS.

STEPHEN MORRIS has not ever played a down of NFL Football.


SI   Journalist CONOR ORR believes that it is now time for NFL Owners, General Managers, and, Head Coaches, to finally put their money where their collective mouths are, say what they REALLY mean, and; mean what they REALLY say about Kaepernick and other protesting players:

CONOR ORR figures that here are some reasons that those who do the hiring and firing are reluctant to give Kaepernick, Reid, and, other such players a shot:

• You might be scared that a billionaire owner will fire you if you press them too hard on signing Reid or Kaepernick and, like them you will be unemployed.
• You might feel like signing and supporting players unafraid of speaking their mind will lead to you losing command inside the facility, and you will no longer be able to walk around pretending you are George S Patton in Nike khakis.
• You might resist having your opinion out there because you don’t want good players who care about social justice issues but only speak about them in societally approved ways to not come to your team in free agency.

UNTIL the NFL Owners, GMs, and, Head Coaches, can give us answers that resemble the actual TRUTH, when they find themselves are confronted with their mindless hypocrisy; CONOR offers a few response options to ALL 32 NFL Teams:

A. The report is true, we don’t believe in players kneeling for the anthem so we decided not to visit with Colin Kaepernick.
B. The report is false, and here’s the actual reason we don’t want to sign Colin Kaepernick and we cancelled the visit: We feel Kaepernick is not good enough to play in the NFL. Period. Not ‘Someone will sign him soon,’ not ‘He just wasn’t a fit for our team,’ not ‘We just really like the guys we have.’
C. We’d like to sign Colin since he’d probably excel in this offense and act as a capable backup for Russell Wilson, but if he keeps kneeling, the president and people who agree that this is an unacceptable way to raise awareness for certain issues will counter-protest, boycott our product or make us pariahs around the NFL. We were going to try and back out of it casually but got caught, and we don’t feel like having our locker room dissected on Fox and Friends. Instead, we’ll take the short-term wrath on Twitter after we sign a quarterback obviously of a lesser caliber and pass the time in the pre-draft tornado shelter while it all blows over.​

What we DO know, is the TRUTH of why while COLIN KAEPERNICK and ERIC REID remain NFL-READY, they ALSO remain NFL-UNEMPLOYED!!!

What we STILL do NOT know, will probably NEVER know, but; SHOULD know is the truth that should come from the mouths of those who have the power to have them to be NFL EMPLOYED.

The status quo responses are no longer sufficient and now are impossible to accept.


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