Thursday, October 5, 2017


NEW ORLEANS native PERCY MASTER P MILLER has amassed his fortune by being a serial entrepreneur, is the founder of iconic HIP HOP record label NO LIMIT RECORDS, and; is now owners of the NEW ORLEANS GATORS in the brand-spankin' new professional basketball league, the  GLOBAL MIXED GENDER BASKETBALL LEAGUE (GMGBL)!!!

MASTER P covers the new issue of ROLLING OUT Magazine!!!

Here are some interview interludes:

On his introduction to the GMGBL:

“When I was first introduced to the league. This is going to be big. Let me put my bid in. I got approved by the league and I’m the official owner of the New Orleans Gators. You’ll get a chance to see this up close and personal. It’s going to be some of the biggest talents in the world that’s playing in this. It’s also about giving back and loving our community to where we give back. The players, the coaches, and the owners have to be about the community and about taking over their community. GMGB Helps is about giving back to the community and bringing the community together, bridging those gaps.”

On his past willingness to mentor young entertainers and athletes:

“A lot of entertainers are not educated to the business and get robbed. And with everything that I know, I can help these young cats and show them how to maintain what you have and hang onto it. A lot of them get caught up because they don’t see these lawyers and financial advisers take their money off the top. So if you never looked at or [have] seen the books, then you won’t know what you’re paying them. My thing for the next generation is I’m here for you if you keep it, one hundred. I know a lot of athletes that lost millions of dollars, but they’d rather go get into it with their friends over $50 or $20K. They’ll be ready to hurt their friends when their lawyers have [taken] millions. Why wouldn’t you want to have an expert like me that can sell hundreds of millions of records? Are you serious about your business, or do you just want to be a rapper for the rest of your life? I’m still around it because I’m doing other things. A lot of people don’t realize that a music career doesn’t last that long, especially if you are a rapper.”

On turning down a $1 million deal from JIMMY IOVINE to sign with INTERSCOPE RECORDS:

“I went to see [Jimmy Iovine] and my brother [Corey Miller] was with me. My brother was like, ‘Man, take that million dollars. We [are] going to be rich and take over the projects.’ So I’m sitting in [Jimmy’s office] and checks are ready to be signed. But I decided to read the paperwork. In my mind, I realized it was like the Michael Jordan deal. Michael Jordan got $1M from Nike. But he would have been a billionaire because they initially only gave him like 3 or 5 percent. So, I was like, ‘I can’t do this deal because I won’t own my name anymore.’ I said, ‘Mr. Iovine, I’m going to get some lunch and I’ll be back.’ So, he was like, ‘If you don’t come back, you’ll never get another deal in this town.’ I left and got on a plane. My brother was mad the entire flight. He was like, ‘Why would you not take the $1M, knowing that we don’t have any money?’ I told him, ‘If that man offered me $1M, how much you think I’m worth?’ ”

On not setting limitations for himself and his Self-Transformation:

“You have to be able to outthink the system, but it still took me a lot of work. Don’t think that I just got that deal and the money just came in. I had to get out there. I put up posters everywhere. I invested in myself. I did the things that I needed to do to build my fan base. And I built a large fan base that bought my records. I give praise to the man up above because without him, I would not be here. So I had to turn my life around too. Because at the same time I had to turn into a businessman. I couldn’t just be a street guy. And a lot of guys want to be in business, but they don’t know how to make those transformations. They still want to be in the streets. I gave it all up. I asked God to give me a second chance so that I can do something right with my life. That’s what it’s about. That’s why I’m about helping the kids. Because God spared my life.”


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