Saturday, July 8, 2017


If YOU follow the NBA, then you are aware that on June 22, 2017, the LOS ANGELES LAKERS made former UCLA BRUINS Point Guard LONZO BALL the #2 overall pick of the 2017 NBA DRAFT!!!

You also are probably aware that LONZO has two younger brothers named LiANGELO and LaMELO who as well, are exceptionally gifted basketball players.

Thirdly; you know of their former NBA PLAYER Father LAVAR BALL, who is is both guiding his sons' careers, and; caring for his beloved Wife TINA BALL, who earlher this year, suffered a severe stroke.

LONZO, LiANGELO, and, LaMELO BALL cover THE FUTURE ISSUE of SLAM Magazine, which includes an essay by LAVAR BALL on how he and his family have created a WHOLE NEW BALL GAME.

LAVAR BALL writes;
"Ownership and independence is everything.
Our family’s movement is about letting other parents and prospects know, “Hey, you don’t have to feel pressured into thinking that there aren’t many options. There’s a different route that you can take in this.”
All we want to do is plant the seed and watch it grow. Show people that it can be done. Show parents that it’s possible: We don’t need the big companies. They need us. And so we should work together.
Big Baller Brand wants to show the next generation that there’s a difference between building wealth and just being rich. This isn’t about getting that early money—just another athlete signing a regular endorsement deal. That would have been the easier route. But we’ve embarked on a mission. We want to go beyond just inspiring athletes. It’s about those small business owners that stay up at night plotting their next move and figuring out how to stay afloat.
One of the most important things that a parent can do for their kid is to stay involved. In the sports world, many parents have let so many people into their kids’ inner circle that there are meetings happening and yet they’re not even invited to any of them. Your son is the endorser but gets no say in it—yet he’s doing all the work. As parents, we have to understand our value, and the value of our children.
This movement isn’t about throwing away a bunch of money. When I said, “You’re not a big baller if you don’t buy these shoes,” it was about dedication, discipline and following your goals to earn enough to purchase something you want to own. Not just a dream, but a goal—you can dream all day, but when you have goals, you have a timeline.
We just want to inspire people and show them that there’s a different lane you can travel in. It’s OK to step out and do it another way. Only a select few will do it, but folks will start creating their own brands, like we’ve done with BBB, and more and more families will begin feeling comfortable with betting on themselves.
You just gotta have the vision. Without the vision, you have no precision."


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