Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Singer/Actress/Model ZOEKRAVITZ covers the June 2017 ALLURE - 2017 READERS CHOICE AWARDS Issue of ALLURE Magazine!!!

Here are some interview interludes:

On the common misconception that she has so much in common with her character BONNIE from HBO series BIG LITTLE LIES:

“I think people always assume for whatever reason that I’m much more hippie-dippy than I am."
“I’m certainly not as patient as Bonnie is, the way she takes the high road with Madeline [her husband’s ex, played powerfully by Reese Witherspoon]. I can be quite confrontational at times. Bonnie has an amazing level of compassion; she’s very aware of others’ struggles. I want to do more drama,”
On her experiences making the upcoming film, ROUGH NIGHT:
“I had so much fun. Kate is genius. It’s hard not to laugh in every scene with her. There was definitely this idea behind doing the movie that it’s our turn to do a film like The Hangoverwhere male characters get rowdy and dirty and outrageous. Women want to do that, too.”
On who she considers to be her role models:

“I’d start with my family. Both my grandmothers and my mother. They planted the seeds for me of what it meant to be female. I grew up in California with my mom in Topanga Canyon. My mother had really great girlfriends. Marisa Tomei is my godmother. I’ve always been around strong women, funny women. And my mom’s really funny. Humor is a big thing in my family. We like to laugh.”

On she and her boyfriend hosting MOVIE NIGHTS at her home:

“I recently saw Fight Club again. We’ve been doing movie nights at my house. Me and my boyfriend [actor Karl Glusman] have been hosting; we’ve got a really good projector set up with great speakers. We’ve been trying to start a weekly movie night. It’s a fun activity when it’s so cold outside and nobody wants to go anywhere. We cook a big dinner.”

“Last night we watched Opening Night. Yes, it’s very long. It’s exhausting. But Gena Rowlands is just phenomenal. Watching Opening Night, I think Cassavetes and Gena Rowlands are the ultimate couple because they’re both beautiful people and talented actors, but the fact that they [husband and wife] made art together — art like that together — to me that’s the ultimate relationship. She is just so amazing. So natural. I truly believe she doesn’t know the camera’s there. She does everything that you’re told not to do. And it works. It’s nice to see someone throw all the rules away.” 


“Racism is very real, and white supremacy is going strong. I am definitely mixed. Both my parents are mixed. I have white family on both sides. The older I get, the more I experience life, I am identifying more and more with being black, and what that means — being more and more proud of that and feeling connected to my roots and my history. It’s been a really interesting journey because I was always one of the only black kids in any of my schools. I went to private schools full of white kids. I think a lot of that made me want to blend in or not be looked at as black. The white kids are always talking about your hair and making you feel weird. I had this struggle of accepting myself as black and loving that part of myself. And now I’m so in love with my culture and so proud to be black. It’s still ongoing, but a big shift has occurred. My dad especially has always been very connected to his history, and it’s important to him that I understand where I come from.”


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