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Actress/Singer KEKE PALMER has recently added a new category to her resume' - AUTHOR!!!

KEKE has authored and published a book, KEKE PALMER: I DON'T BELONG TO YOU - QUIET The NOISE And FIND YOUR VOICE, and; she covers the recent digital cover of VIBE VIXEN Magazine!!!

Here are some interview interludes:

VIBE Vixen: How would you describe your relationship with god?
 My relationship with god? I think it’s the strongest relationship in my life. It’s really gotten stronger over the years. There was definitely points in my life where I felt like religion made me feel strange about god.
How so?
I grew up Catholic and that can be very dogmatic—my father is a deacon. I remember when I was around 14, my dad really wanted me to get confirmed. You know you have to get confirmed like in the seventh grade, or whatever… I was just always pushing it off. I eventually told him that I didn’t want to get confirmed, that going into one religion in that way just wasn’t for me.
How’s it been trying to shed that child star image?It’s taken me a lot to come into myself, and to know what it was I wanted to say as this full woman. As a kid, you’re what other people want you to be and you don’t even realize it. You’re just being a kid. You’re presented with these options and you go with one of them. I got to a point where I recognized this isn’t who I am, this no longer fits me.
Did you experience an identity crisis?For sure. I was just totally confused.
How were you able to combat feeling lost and confused?Honesty, accepting that that’s how I felt—confused. And then moving forward knowing that I needed to start looking inside myself. I had to be honest about feeling depressed, uninspired and not knowing where I see myself anymore. That’s what depression is, not being able to see into the future, not being able to have hope or see the next day. And it was because I was living in one mental construct, I was living inside the True Jackson, VP Keke, but that had already surpassed. I was holding on to something that was obsolete.
Without someone compartmentalizing you, what does it mean for you to be a black woman in America, today?You just have to be you and not feel like you have to attach yourself to things to prove that you’re black. I feel like so many things in culture and in general are subjective. Being black in America comes with a lot of sh*t, but you don’t have to attach yourself to it. Just because [someone] tells me my culture is ignorance… history shows me that’s only because [someone] didn’t allow my people to learn anything. Black American people are the only people that don’t have a country of their own, meaning we don’t even feel connected to Africa.
A motherland. Do you think that’s a problem?Yes.
Have you been to Africa?Not yet. Look, I said to my mother, “Mom, I’m going to become the prime minister of Africa.” She looked over at me and said, “Keke, you have to be born there.” And I’m like, “F**k!” [Laughs] And I’m not saying f**k America. I’m just saying, when you bring a bunch of people over from somewhere and then you strip them of all they know and love—that hurts.
We should be engaging with politics at the local level, is what you’re saying?That’s where it has to be! We don’t even realize our power. The president don’t have none. That’s the gag. He’s just our figure head. He speaks for us in totality. He’s making executive decisions—we need this, we need that, more gas, more oil, whatever. That’s all he’s doing. It’s us that gets things passed. It’s us that puts those people in those seats. But we don’t know that, especially in the communities in which the worst is happening, when they’re embezzling the money out the ‘hood in Chicago, and they letting the kids shoot each other up. They didn’t even tell those kids how to vote. They didn’t give them the information they needed to actually create change. So the kids are saying, “Even if I vote for the president, nothing will change. I have no power.” No! You was told the wrong sh*t. You wasn’t given all the information. Vote for a president, yea, but you really need to vote for the people in your city.
Do you think that a woman can run this country?I think a woman should run this country. We need female energy. Misogynists always want to laugh about that. God made man and woman because we need each other. We’re supposed to be working in tandem. Sh*t, we should have a female and male president at the same time. That’s the gag. They need to balance each other out. Man cannot survive without woman. Woman is the nurturer. Mother Earth, that is us. We are representative of this Earth, made of water—we’re made of water. It’s all the same.
Tell me about your book. Is it a memoir?My book covers a lot of the different things I’m discussing with you right now. It’s not a memoir, but it does tell my life story. I talk about all the things that helped me to find the freedom I have today, where I get to saying, “I don’t belong to you.” Meaning I don’t belong to any of your compartments, or what you think I have to be. I belong to myself and anybody I choose. I’m going to make my choices based off of what I feel. And that’s just it. That’s what my book is about.
How do you want to pay it forward?I want to build a Motown Records meets Overbrook [Entertainment], where I’m not only helping young people with their artistry and their music, but also [mentoring them] in acting and film, teaching them how to self-manage and how to build and brand themselves. That’s the dream.




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