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Malinda Williams Covers Kontrol Magazine Chocolate-Covered ELIZABETH, NJ-native Actress/Entrepreneur MELINDA WILLIAMS goes as bare as she would dare for the Fall/Winter 2016 LOVE YOUR BODY ISSUE of CONTROL Magazine!!!

Here are some interview interludes:

On her longevity and various transitions throughout her three-decades long career:

“I’ve been in the acting game a long time—several decades! I started this when I was ten years old. I started out as a model, a child model, and from there and then just naturally transitioned from television to film work…so it’s definitely been over thirty years…”

On how her faith has influenced her various career moves;

“Well I have to start with God first; and I believe that this is something that I was meant to do. This was my purpose, this is my purpose; and when you are living in your true purpose there is almost nothing you can do to mess it up! So let’s start with that, right? And by recognizing that this is my purpose I listen to my spirit, I follow my heart because I believe that those ideas were truly put in my heart because it is my calling, and I just don’t ignore my calling.”

On how even when she has had doubts about her career, she has always maintained her faith:

You know there have been a few times—not very many—when I was younger, probably in my twenties, when I questioned whether or not this is what I was supposed to be doing. I’ll even say when I started doing ‘Soul Food.’ Before I did ‘Soul Food’ I thought ‘I don’t want to do that project because I I’m more interested in being a mother and having a family, and I felt like my family needs me right now,’ but that project just kept landing on my desk, saying that this is for you. So I couldn’t ignore it and it turned out to be one of my greatest achievements…” 

On the timelessness and timeliness of SHOWTIME series SOUL FOOD:

“It [Soul Food] still holds up to this day. You know when you’re writing a show about a family. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about a Black family, you’re just writing about things that happen to regular people no matter what race they are….One of my secrets [to the longevity in her career] is working on projects that stand the test of time, that aren’t dateable. Soul Food wasn’t dateable, it’s genius, it’s classic. The same things that were going on with the family in that show are issues folks will probably deal with until the end of time.”

On how much she enjoys working on CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY-themed projects:

“Holiday shows are wonderful! People love holiday films! Families are together, kids are home from college, you also have family members that you are visiting, so they’re looking for things to sit down and view together…When you have holiday programming that’s clean and gives people a good feeling and gets them in the holiday spirit those are projects that you really can’t lose on. I produce them along with Eric Thomas and Keith Neil, and those gentlemen are wonderful, and put out some really good family films. I also get to star alongside Karon Riley, who is Terri J. Vaughn’s husband. Teri’s one of my dearest friends so at this point it’s like we’re a family coming together to do a project about family. We have a really wonderful relationship, and our writer Rhonda Baraka, she has recognized our relationship now. I think that by the second film she saw this synergy that we have as a cast and she began to write working with the chemistry we have together. Now it’s like by the time we’re shooting our fourth installment it’s a piece of cake! We’re just coming together and we have the material, doing our lines, and acting it out, but we’re just being family.” She goes on to reveal her personal connection the youngest star of the film, “The baby in A Baby For Christmas is Karon’s daughter, his and Teri’s daughter, Lola, is also my goddaughter, and she’s a little actress in her own right [she laughs]. She is just amazing and incredible…I’m  just like really? I get to play my goddaughter’s mother in a movie. I get to play my best friend’s husband’s wife in a movie…it’s just amazing.”

On becoming one of the faces of the BEAUTY INDUSTRY for BLACK WOMEN, and; BLACK WOMEN With SHORT HAIR:

“I never really considered myself the face of the movement I just do what I do and I live in my own truth. The truth of myself is that I love short, versatile hair. One thing I’ve learned about being a Black Woman is that we are so versatile, we’re versatile in so many ways… and with our hair and it’s a way we get to express ourselves with so may styles…On my YouTube channel that came about almost by accident…I was working on a talk series called Exhale for Esquire Network and I met Angela Burt Murray; and I showed her a video I shot in my bathroom when I was living in New Jersey…she was like well what are you doing with this video? And I was like ‘nothing’ and she said we should do something with this…she and I started doing these tutorials which as you know are wildly popular. On YouTube their the number two category is beauty tutorials, right after gaming…I had no idea what a huge following this would be so it sort of circles back to what my calling is…it’s another thing I have an affinity for…so again, I get to do what I love!”


Malinda Williams Covers Kontrol Magazine

Malinda Williams Covers Kontrol Magazine

Malinda Williams Covers Kontrol Magazine

Malinda Williams Covers Kontrol Magazine

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