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Actress/Model/RealiTV Star/Spokesperson EVA MARCILLE is EMBRACING The BEAUTY Of GROWTH and she covers the new issue of ROLLING OUT Magazine!!!

Here are some interview interludes:

You’ve had a lot going on: from TV to eyewear, to blossoming as a mother. Talk about the evolution of Eva as a personality.

Starting in this business on America’s Next Top Model, the world has kind of seen my evolution. You saw me as a teenager trying to jump into adulthood to start modeling and create my empire. You saw the rough and rugged Eva. That’s who everyone was introduced to. Now, 13 years later, you see the evolved Eva. The mother. The entrepreneur. The life-lover. The pro-Black liberator. The happy person.
And it’s so cool to be in this space. I can remember where I was. Not just physically, but where I was emotionally as a person. And I think it’s indicative of the journey that we take in life as a people. Who I was 10 years ago and who I am today are completely different people. Not my foundation, because my foundation will always be the same. I am a Black woman who loves who I am and loves my roots. But more so the understanding of life that happens through experience and time.
You have always been someone who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. How does that work in the entertainment industry where people might not always want you to express that?

It’s so funny. I’m the only girl that was actually managed by Tyra after doing “Top Model.” I remember her saying to me one day, “You know, you’re really aggressive.” And I’m like, “No, I’m not. I’m assertive.” And she’s like, “No, you’re aggressive. You think you’re assertive, but you’re aggressive.” I wanted to show the world and just live in my truth as a woman and as a person. But I realized that it was coming off slightly abrasive. There’s a middle-ground that you find between staying true to you and being able to allow other people’s truths, which are different than yours, fit in your world, too. And that’s when compromise comes in. I’m myself; I always will be me. I’m a Black girl, born to Evan and Michelle Pigford; that’s who I am. But my ability to be in this entertainment industry that might have different fundamentals than me is not as difficult as it was before because I stay grounded in who I am.
What do you feel you gained from having Tyra personally manage you so early on in your career?

Having been groomed and shaped by the beautiful Tyra Lynne Banks was priceless. It’s something that many can’t say has been their reality. On top of the fact that, her experience in life and what she imparted to me is kind of like that thing where your mom says, “I went through it so you don’t have to.” So being privy to Tyra’s journey and her mentorship, I learned a lot from her. Not just being a pretty face, but understanding that this is a business, and you have to rock this business. She instilled something in me that most don’t get, especially in this new social media age. There are pros and cons. It’s beautiful; you can learn about things you’ve never heard about. But then there’s this other part of it that’s unreal. How women look, how men look, how bodies look and are expected to be is not true. And so she instilled in me a level of truth. She taught me that this is all smoke and mirrors. None of this stuff is real, and to find your truth in that. So now, at 32, I find myself not going full Alicia Keys — I’m not going to show all the freckles — but stripping off the extra accoutrements that make us look glamorous and coming down to the real because that’s what’s relatable. That’s what the girls of today’s world need to see.
Let’s talk about 2017. What makes you excited?

I’m super excited about so many things: the fact that I made it to this year, the fact that I have an amazing new eyewear line. The feeling of creating the product, and being able to display what I want to display. There’s something liberating when it is your product, your creation, your truth, and you’re giving that to the world. I can’t even explain that feeling. So in 2017, I’ll still be doing television, film and modeling. But First Ave. Eyewear is like Marley, my daughter, it’s my new baby. It’s my ability to walk into a new year differently than I walked in last year. Last year, I was trying to be somebody else’s client, trying to catch somebody else’s check, trying to pose in somebody else’s product. Now I’m looking for somebody to pose in my product. It’s amazing. So 2017 is my year of liberation.




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