Thursday, December 8, 2016

President & First Lady OBAMA On PEOPLE MAG!!!

Before they depart 1600 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, our President and First Lady BARACK and MICHELLE OBAMA give their final PEOPLE interview - The OBAMAS Say GOODBYE as they cover the 2016: The YEAR In PICTURES Issue of PEOPLE Magazine/!!!

When asked about her response to the 2016 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, The FLOTUS  said;
“I went to bed. I don’t like to watch the political discourse; I never have,” Obama tells PEOPLE, adding of her husband, “I barely did with him. Anything that I felt about the election I said and I stand by,” the first lady says now, adding of her early election night, “Once you do what you can do, then the rest is easy. It was in the hands of the American people. This is our democracy, and this is how it works. We are ready to work with the next administration and make sure they are as successful as they can be. Because that’s what’s best for this country.”
She remarked on how being the FIRST FAMILY has affected their marriage:
“It’s definitely brought us closer. It wasn’t until the White House that we were together seven days a week, that we could have dinner together, he had time to coach the girls’ teams and go to all their events. Yes, the job carries its stresses for sure. Nobody knows what it feels like to wake up and look at the morning paper and know that every headline, good or bad, is your responsibility. Wherever it’s happening in the world. There is a weightiness to that that no other person really understands. You really have to fall back on the normalcy and the love of your family.” 
The POTUS highly praised his wife;
“I also think that watching Michelle as first lady has just increased my awe and respect for her. She had to adapt to a life that she might not have chosen for herself, but also there’s no blueprint for being first lady. And to see her and her team be, at once, really impactful on policy but also fun? You know, it’s fun when you see your spouse shine. And she’s shone.” 


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