Thursday, November 17, 2016



PHILADELPHIA-native MOREHOUISE COLLEGE Professor/Author/Activist/TV Personality Dr. MARC LAMONT HILL speaks on RACE, POLITICS, and BLACK POWER in the new issue of   ROLLING OUT Magazine!!!

Here are some interview interludes:

On why in the recent PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION 2016, he cast his vote for GREEN PARTY Candidate Dr. JILL STEIN:

“People expect me to be a proud card-carrying Democrat and that’s not who I am. I have an unshakable belief that we can organize our way into a better world. We need a new freedom dream and a radical imagination. Toni Morrison once said, ‘If you want to fly, you gotta get rid of everything weighing you down.’ We are locked in a space where we have to choose a lesser of two evils. We have to think practically as well. Donald Trump is a monster. As an activist, I want to figure out a way to stop the threat of fascism without compromising our moral authority and values. We are giving our moral authority away by saying, ‘I’m with Hillary’ as she bombs innocent people and exploits Black and Brown people through bad policy in the ‘90s. I’m not voting against something, I’m voting for something and to me, that’s the Green Party. Clinton has done and said things that for me are moral non-starters. I can’t vote for someone that believes in drone attacks that are killing innocent people and supports the death penalty, and such vicious legislation. I can’t support that or vote for that.”

On why he supports SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS Quarterback #7 COLIN KAEPERNICK in his protest against the STAR-SPANGLED BANNER:

“He had the most to lose and he sacrificed it all. I support him and I stand with him. I’m excited about the energy that surrounds him. I’m happy that people all around the world and country are taking that knee with him. It represents a possibility and a spirit of resistance. It sparks a conversation. This movement sparked in 2014. People thought the movement would stop but it didn’t. We are fighting and we are going to win. I’ve never stood for the national anthem. It’s a principle response to imperialism and injustice. Players stand to show love and faith in a system and tradition that hasn’t been good for us or included us. When Americans are patriotic, they fly the flag. When we take a knee, we are saying we see the flag, but we have to kneel because of the last 400 years.”

On why he wrote the book, NOBODY: CASUALTIES Of AMERICA'S WAR on The VULNERABLE, and; why he feels that AMERICA views BLACK BODIES as DISPOSABLE:

“I always wanted to tell a story about the vulnerable because we talk about the rich and middle class all of the time. My job was to tell that story, and when Mike Brown was killed I wanted to tell a deeper story about America vs. the vulnerable. The book is a deeper story about how America has waged a full-on war against its most vulnerable.”
“Even if you are an athlete, you’re disposable. Colin Kaepernick became disposable when he didn’t follow the ritual of the national anthem. They loved Dwyane Wade in Miami until they couldn’t make as much money off of him anymore. Black bodies are disposable and exploitable. We get what we can from them and then dispose of them when we are done. There’s no inherent value in them. We don’t invest in their minds, bodies, souls and spirits. If you are homeless or mentally ill, we lock you up. We close mental institutions and make it illegal for those with mental issues to be on the streets. The same with drug addicts. Then you have to work for free in prison and that’s exploitation. Now you are valuable as a prisoner. Mike Brown represents all of that. Mike Brown went to Normandy School District, which was a form of violence. The jobs were gone; that was a form of violence. The public housing in St. Louis crumbled; that was a form of violence. Mike Brown is a microcosm of everything in America, in terms of how we treat the vulnerable.


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