Saturday, October 8, 2016


On today, Friday, October 7, film THE BIRTH OF A NATION opened in wide cinematic release, yet; it took EIGHT YEARS for Actor/Filmmaker NATE PARKER to achieve the milestone of having his project seen by the masses!!!

BIRTH OF A NATION tells the true sony of enslaved Minister NAT TURNER, who in 1831, leads a slave rebellion in SOUTHAMPTON COUNTY, VA.

NATE PARKER covers the new issue of ROLLING OUT Magazine.

Here are some interview interludes:

How were you able to tap into the spirit of Nat Turner to effectively write this screenplay?
Nat Turner’s only aspiration was to be Christ-like … and so for me, when I got writer’s block, I went to the Bible. I really just got into the Word. Everything I learned about Nat Turner — that he was so deeply into his faith; that he felt that every action was motivated by his connection and relationship with the Lord. And it was through that that I had to connect [with] him. I learned very quick that this wasn’t a film that I could be regular Nate and just write, and it be right … I just couldn’t. 
There were so many well-documented financial challenges when it came to you financing this film. How were you able to overcome those setbacks?
I really got into fasting and praying. My grandmother would always say “make space for God.” We oftentimes measure him against what we think our capacity is, so we’ll be like “Lord help me pick this glass up and drink it,’ … instead of, “Lord, pick this building up and put it across the street.” So for me, I had just lost three million dollars and called my grandma, and she just said fast. So I said, “OK Lord, this is what I’m going to do. I’m going to fast Tuesdays and Thursday, sunup to sundown like every week until we are pre-production.” 
How did having GOD answer your prayers make you feel?
I was just talking to my daughter about God moments, and how he provides these types of moments to remind us that it ain’t us. Sometimes you start feeling yourself, and then there is like a knock at the door and then you realize that it’s time to be humbled again. But God ultimately provided, and I’m so thankful and humbled by it all.
How do we have the conversations with this generation, who may feel charged up after watching the film? There is a contingent who truly believes that White people don’t understand, but then you have some who may say, “but wait, my mom or grandmother is White.”
Well, charged up doesn’t mean kill White people. Black empowerment doesn’t mean White hate, and it never has. And if we were to peruse all of our heroes from now back to Frederick Douglass, we’d recognize that biracial activists were very relevant … it’s not a new thing. You love who you love, but that shouldn’t affect your activism. If after I met my wife I said, “now I’m discounted from contributing to the liberation of my people because my wife is White,” then guess what … we wouldn’t be sitting at this table, and there is no Nat Turner movie.

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