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At the age of 4, UK-born/SILVER SPRINGS, MD-bred Actress CYNTHIA ADDAi-ROBINSON and her GHANIAN mother moved to the USA, she stars opposite Actor BEN AFFLECK in recently-released film The ACCOUNTANT, USA Network series SHOOTER, and; she covers the new issue of ROLLING OUT Magazine!!!

Here are some interview interludes:

On working with Ben Affleck:
It’s really me spending half the movie looking for his character, Christian Wolff. Even though the characters are interconnected, we don’t necessarily share the screen at the same time. The table read was an opportunity to learn about how the actors will approach the role. What I love about Ben’s performance is the nuance. It isn’t too much of this, or too much of that. It was honest in its portrayal of a certain demeanor or behavior.
On ever feeling like a fan on set of The Accountant:
Yes, you do. You want to be cool. I was, of course, having the two moments. On one hand, I am like “Oh my gosh! [These are] people who I have been watching and people whose work I have admired for years.” Then on the other hand, you recognize these are my peers who I am working alongside. You want to have a sense of professionalism. With J.K. [Simmons, who portrays Ray King] for example, someone whose work I have admired for a really long time, I didn’t want to say anything to start because I felt would be awkward. I was a huge fan of his work in “Oz.” Towards the end, once I had more rapport with him, I had that moment where I said, “Listen, I haven’t said anything yet; I have to tell you…” I think it’s always appreciated.
On the differences in casting between TV and feature films:
The mediums are different. But things are changing. Before, there were actors and directors you’d work with in only one of the mediums. I consider myself lucky. All of the projects I have had an opportunity to work on, whether TV or film, all feel quite different from one another. The roles themselves feel very complex; they are fully drawn out characters that I get to come in and add my own thinking to. TV is a different process. It tends to go fast but you have time to really learn about a character. It’s stretched out over several episodes. But for a movie, the role is pretty efficient, a shorter shoot, but the days felt like we had time to discover, play and do a lot of takes.
On preparing to audition for your role in The Accountant:
I had a good sense of who she was because it was in the details of the script. I have [had] hundreds of auditions over the years. Practice makes perfect. You learn how to very efficiently get the essence of the character and embody that for the context of the audition. A lot of Marybeth Medina’s essence was already on the page. It’s interesting: as you move forward in the industry and get older, you have a better sense of how people perceive you.


Photo credit: Mike Melendy for Steed Media

-Photo credit: Mike Melendy for Steed Media

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