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Still from "Ovarian Psycos"
Meet the EAST LOS ANGELES-based OVARIAN PSYCOS BICYCLE BRIGADE, on whose website claims; "OVARIES So BIG, WE Don't NEED No F*CK*NG B*LLS"!!!

They are the subject of documentary film OVARIAN PSYCOS that rides along with the ladies as they nocturnally  patrol the streets of their beloved EAST LOS ANGELES, CA.

Their Mission Statement sayss;
"We are an all womxn of color bicycling brigade cycling for the purpose of healing our communities physically, emotionally and spiritually by addressing pertinent issues. We envision a world where women are change agents who create and maintain holistic health in themselves and their respective communities for present and future generations."

Courtesy of the really good folks at LOS ANGELES Magazine, here are 6 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW about The OVARIAN PSYCOS BICYCLE BRIGADE Of EAST LOS ANGELES:

1. The Ovas came into being as a result of daily street harassment.

Says de la X: “I was tired of the unsolicited harassment and catcalls during Critical Mass Rides, or while I was simply riding my bicycle to work; the ridiculous entitlement of most men to comment on my body, commanding me to smile, to think they can dictate how I move, or limit the spaces I move in, with this sometimes unspoken but very real threat of harm. In short, I was tired of the constant, abrasive and unchecked misogyny so pervasive in every aspect of our lives.” 

2. The Ovas aren’t only fighting back against the treatment of women, but the treatment of anyone who doesn’t fit society’s norms. 

“We’re all targets, all of us who don’t fit within this white, cis, heteronormative construct. Even more so we are targets when we refuse to accept these passively submissive and docile roles imposed upon us.” 

3. When Sokolowski and Trumbull-LaValle first approached her to be the subject of their doc, de la X told them “no.”

“I was completely distrustful and apprehensive; I had no problem saying ‘no, and no, because you’re white.’ White folx have an extensive history of exploiting other peoples, their cultures, their land, their resources dating as far back as 1492. Let’s be real — and the shit hasn’t changed. Look at Echo Park, Highland Park…So, the fact that they wanted to do this documentary was for me, at first, suspect. They’re not doing us any favors. In fact, we feared they’d exploit our work, come and take this story and bank off of it.”

4. Trumbull-LaValle’s Mexican heritage wound up saving them.

“The fact that Kate’s mom is Mexican — having grown up in the border town of Tijuana — coupled with the fact that Kate was also in the process of working on this film, No Mas Bebes, about the coercive sterilization practices suffered by brown, mostly immigrant, mostly Spanish speaking womxn from our very barrios in Boyle Heights/East L.A., was really their saving grace. Their intentions spoke through this work specifically, and so we began to trust them, but still in increments.”

5. De la X agreed to the film in part because she hoped it would inspire others. 

“Ideally, the film should serve as a blueprint of sorts, a very raw model for other folx hanging from the margins that also refuse to just surrender. Ideally, the film will incite others to start organizing in their own communities around these same issues detrimentally affecting people of color throughout the world. For the folx that already organize, the film hopefully will be a testament or a reminder that our stories are important and need to be shared, and definitely need to be documented by us and for us.”


The Ovarian Psycos

The Ovarian Psycos

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