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Singer/Songwriter/RealiTV Star KEKE WYATT Gets Real About BEING COMFORTABLE In Her OWN SKIN for the new issue of ROLLING OUT Magazine!!!

Here are some interview interludes:

How do you instill confidence in your children?
Don’t do what I do; do what I say. That’s how I feel. But I have confidence in being a mother. Now, I’m very confident in that and my family, and showing my love. And my compassion and taking care of my family and working like a monster and making sure that everybody has what they need and want. Even if I don’t get anything, I don’t care. So, I’m confident in the fact that I’m a great mom. And a good daughter, and a good sister, and a good wife, the best wife I can be without being a wench.
How important is it for you to be those things?
It’s more important to me than breathing. It’s that important. I have to be a great mommy … I have to make sure that they are going to love people no matter what, and that their gifts speak to help gather souls for Christ. It’s very important to me because I feel deep down in my heart that it is the only reason why I’m here anyway.
Do you wish you could just let your heart and your music do all of your talking for you?
Yes. Because people judge me off of someone that they don’t know. They judge me off of the person that got forced into being angry, and weak, and sad.
How do you go about showing your true self? Or does that matter?
It matters … I write my songs, and I try to show who I am through my music. I know the TV is basically for your entertainment, but for some reason people like negative entertainment. And I don’t know why. But they do for whatever reason. If it ain’t negative, it ain’t jumpin’. It’s crazy. I feel like when I sing and I write that I’m able to get through to people what I need for them to know about me.
Tell us about your new music.
It’s my soul. It’s who I am. It’s what makes me whole. It’s what makes me me. I’m so excited because I’m putting my new album out on my own label, which is Aratek Entertainment … It’s my name [Ke’Tara] spelled backward. … [With the label], I’m able to put my own project out. I don’t have to worry about other labels, and what they think … It’s my thing. I can sing what I want. I can come in when I want. I can do what I want to do. The only thing is that I have to pay for everything. But, at the end of the day, I’ll get all of that back plus triple. So, it really doesn’t matter … With my music, I wrote everything, I sang everything. It just feels really good to be able to express myself. Another way to let my light shine is through my music because it truly comes from within, from the heart …
How will this album speak to listeners?
It will inspire people and make you want to love again. Like BeyoncĂ©, her song “Me, Myself and I” spoke to me on so many different levels. Like it don’t make any sense. At that time, it was just me. I had three kids. Like it was so crazy. Everything that she was saying in that song spoke to me and spoke to my life. And I said to myself then, “This must be what my music does to people.” Because that song really helped me get through some things that I was going through at the time. It’s crazy how a song can literally bring you through dark times and it can bring you through devastation. That’s what I want to do. That’s what I aim for. I aim to help save people from mess. I think that this album is really going to speak to young girls, and boys, and older women and older men … Like people that have souls. I think it’s going to speak to people and help them get through the things that they’re going through in love. It’s talking about breakups, and makeups — it’s just real. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be straight love; it can be gay love. Love is love. Relationships are relationships. And I just want to help to inspire people to keep loving and don’t give up.


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