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MIAMI native Entrepreneur/RealiTV Star/Music Artist PREMADONNA covers the new issue of ROLLING OUT!!!

She launched What’s A Waist and the Waist Gang Society, which sells trainers inspired by 16th century corsets. The waist shapers have been a hit with customers everywhere who want the perfect figure, from the average woman to high-profile celebrities like Kim Kardashian.

Currently, PreMadonna is busy making a name for herself in entertainment. Not only is her music exposing her to a wider audience, but her appearances on some of the hottest reality shows like VH1’s “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” and the E! Network’s “New Money” are making her more recognizable to the masses.

Here are some interview interludes:

How did you start your business, What’s A Waist?
I got started with my business when I was a young mother. After I had my second son, my stomach was all over the place and I did not like my body. I had to find something to get myself back to what it was before pre-birth. I came up with the idea of a waist shaper, however, at the time, these trainers were only made for girls 110 pounds and smaller. I didn’t know my waist size at the time, but I did know I was too big for the garment. I had a lady sew one and we figured it out. To make a long story short, I would go everywhere once I got my pre-birth body back and people started to ask me how I looked like this. My body had actually become a silhouette. I noticed how much I was being asked the same questions and decided not to tell anybody anything. I started selling the trainers to see how things would go. Things started to get crazy, so from there I created a whole business.
What sets you apart from other brands like Spanx and Arbonne waist trainers?
I don’t know who Arbonne is, but I do know who Spanx is. I believe Spanx is less aggressive and I want to say they are made for a smaller woman. My company caters directly to every culture and with Spanx when you buy certain products, it doesn’t work for everyone. Spanx does what it is supposed to under the clothes and that’s about it. They give you a certain appearance that is less aggressive, but you don’t see a difference in your shape. My garments are helping women correct their postures. This product will help shape you while you wear it. It’s like your gym in a garment. You do not have to work out.
hat celebrities were you initially able to connect with starting out?
I have no idea. They would come around months later. I don’t know if it was because of what I wrote or if it wasn’t. This was a route I took to promote the brand. I would aggravate these celebrities every day with messages. Instagram is so different now. It used to have a popular page based off how many likes you get on a picture. One day my homegirl told me my picture was on there and that Kim Kardashian saw my product and wanted one of my shapers. I was like, “girl, Kim doesn’t ‘want my waist shaper.” And she said, “yes, she does.” Kim [had] just had baby North. The rest was history from there.
What’s it been like tapping into your music career?
I am following my number one passion. I always wanted to be an actress and a rapper or entertainer. I am happy that I have the time, space and resources to do it independently with my team as opposed to being a thirsty rapper like I would have been three years ago. I could have signed a million contracts, but maybe the Lord spared me. My music is real. It’s all about me. 
What was it like working with Rich Homie Quan and Trick Daddy?
Working with Rich Homie was fun, but working with Trick was more personal than anything after growing up listening to him and wanting him to come back with music. I am from Miami, so being able to work with him is crazy. I watched him do all these duets with him and Trina and now I can do it. I relate to those who come from where I came from.

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