Thursday, February 25, 2016


cover rev run and tyrese
Imagine a legendary Rapper-turned-Pastor and a R&B Singer/Actor/Rapper, and; then imagine them hosting a relationships-based television show show on the OWN Network, and, there you have it: Rev. JOSEPH "REV. RUN" SIMMONS and TYRESE GIBSON hosting IT'S NOT, YOU IT'S MEN With TYRESE & REV. RUN!!!

IT'S NOT YOU, IT'S MEN is a relationships-based talk show from a man's perspective, and airs each SATURDAY at 9:00 PM EST on OWN.

Here are a few interview interludes:

REV. RUN said about the perspective of IT'S NOT YOU, IT'S MEN;
“I’m a very married man; he’s a very single man. And that will help ladies and gentlemen understand two perspectives on relationships. Why isn’t he married? He’ll tell you many reasons and things that women do that don’t work for him. He’s like, ‘Everybody’s not your wife, Justine. I didn’t run into a Justine-type of person. So I understand you being happily married, but here are my thoughts.’ He’ll probably be telling women how he’s dissatisfied with them, and I’ll be sharing my perspective on marriage, weddings, jealousy and cheating. The show is two men telling you how they feel about relationships in 2016.”
TYRESE said;
“Women don’t understand how they could force a man to go look into other options,” he explains. “In your mind there’s nothing [you] could say or do to make me want to put my penis in another woman’s vagina outside of [yours?] You’re actually wrong. If a man is thirsty, he’s going to find a drink. The question is; are you using your sex as a weapon like we’re some little kids who say ‘if you don’t this and do that, you can’t get this?’ I’m grown with facial hairs. Don’t play with me. If I don’t get it here, you’re going to force me to look into other situations.”
RUN said;
“It’s about removing ego and edging everything out that would ruin your relationship,” Run advises. “You need to push things out of your way in order to maintain your relationship, and ego is in the way of today’s relationships. Not only is ego in the way, but so is selfishness. You have to be selfless, not selfish. Listen to the whispers so you do not have to hear the screams. Many times your mate is whispering — sometimes not even words, it’s actions — and you’ll still be hearing screams later because you didn’t take the first [hints]. I heard some screams and I didn’t know it was coming but there probably were a bunch of whispers around. She’s a forgiving woman who let it go quickly, but it was heated for a moment in my home.”
TYRESE on Relationships and Social Media:
“He never got a direct message on Instagram from Miss Justine!” Tyrese says. “This was prior to Facebook and Instagram and this social media, which is [ruining] all human contact and connectivity. You actually went on a date and fell in love and got to know the woman you were dating instead of it [being] built on text messaging.”

READ the FULL INTERVIEW with REV. RUN and TYRESE in the new issue of ROLLING OUT.


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