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Michael Jai White
Actors MICHAEL JAI WHITE and GILLIAN ILIANA WATERS recently married in THAILAND, are officially now Mr. and Mrs. MICHAEL JAI and GILLIAN WATERS WHITE, and they shared their storybook romance as the cover story for the new issue of ROLLING OUT!!!

Here are some interview highlights:

Why did you get married in Thailand?

Michael Jai White: We’ve fallen in love with the place. The people are so peaceful and so beautiful. We have good friends [here] … and half of our family was going to be here because I am directing the movie we’re both in. We wanted a unique wedding. It exceeded our expectations.

How are your daughters getting along?

Gillian Iliana Waters White: Amazing!

Michael: Our 6-year-old daughters called themselves twins from day one. They insist on dressing alike. They really couldn’t be closer.

What about your parents?

Michael: My parents have passed. I have parents in hers. They are like my mom and dad, too.

Michael, when did you know she was the one?

Michael: I knew a long time ago. We’ve known each other 19 years now. We met and dated and wound up going on different paths. We were addicted to helping people through their drama. We were always the common forces in our relationships and friendships. She and I were so low maintenance together that we ended up doing our missionary work in other places. We’ve remained friends and close. We were blessed with the opportunity to reunite four years ago. We haven’t looked back.
What is your take on that Gillian?

Gillian: It was all about timing. When we dated back in 1997, the timing wasn’t right. Too much else was going on in our lives. With us reuniting four years ago and coming together at that time, it was just right for us. We were settled and we knew what we wanted. It’s 10 times better.

Michael, in interviews, you often referred to Gillian as your “wife” before you tied the knot.

Michael: It never felt right calling her anything other than my wife. She transcends wife. I have been married before and our best day doesn’t compare to Gillian’s and my worst day. To this day, we have never had an argument. There is no human being, even guy friends, who I get along with better than her or [anyone I could] have more laughs with.
(Michael and Gillian just wrapped filming the movie Never Back Down in Thailand.)

How are you balancing work and your relationship?

Michael: This is the first time we did a movie together. She plays my romantic interest in the movie.
What is so great about it is the Sony executives had no idea who she was when they saw her audition tape. They selected Gillian based on her audition without knowing her connection to me. It was the greatest thing for me because it’s almost like, how can you really celebrate if you feel like it is nepotism or just because you knew someone? That [free selection] makes it even sweeter. We asked over and over, “Are you sure?” [They replied, “Oh yeah; we can make her an offer.” We asked, “Are you positive? [They said,] “Yes, yes; we love her.” [We followed with,] “Well here’s the kicker. We only need one room.” [They asked,] “What do you mean?”


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