Monday, April 13, 2015


MEXICO CITY, MEXICO-born Singer/Actress/Producer/Entrepreneur ARIADNA THALIA SODI MIRANDA a.k.a. THALIA has a new album, a new fashion line with MACY'S, and she covers the SPRING 2015: STEP UP Your SPRING Issue of COSMO For LATINAS!!!

Here are some interview highlights:

On her new fashion line at Macy's: 

"I'm excited because we're launching my Thalia collection in 300 Macy's stores. That's major. We approached Macy's because they didn't have a designated brand for one of the biggest sectors of the population. Imagine — the biggest consumer is the Latin woman! So we are targeting my market with elements that we love, like animal prints and certain colors. It captures my passion for life, my personal style, how proud I feel of my culture and roots."

On overcoming barriers she's faced as a Mexicana in the U.S.:

"Dealing with Latina stereotypes … someone will say, 'Thalia, we want you for a TV ad,' and present an idea that is totally stereotypical. And I'll have to say, 'Guys, if you want to reach the Latin community, you don't have to have a Chihuahua, or a mariachi band, or a mariachi hat.' It's almost like they expect you to be biting a red flower in your teeth and saying, 'cha cha chá!' But it's a beautiful country and culture and I love it."

On learning to say no: 

"For so many years, I was taught to say 'yes, yes, yes,' so now, I just love to say 'no.' When I'm making work decisions, or talking to someone who has approached me to propose a commercial or idea, I love to say, 'I'm not going to do that; thank you, but no,' looking straight into their eyes with a beautiful smile on my face. It's about respecting yourself and makes you feel so strong and empowered. It's almost orgasmic to say no!"

On meeting husband Tommy Mottola: 

"[Emilio Estefan] mentioned he had someone he wanted me to meet and said, 'He just got divorced and has two kids.' I said, 'I don't need that headache.' When he tried to tell Tommy about me, Tommy asked, 'What does she do?' Emilio said, 'Well, she's a singer—' And Tommy said, 'Stop! I don't need that headache either.' But over a year and a half, Emilio kept insisting, 'You guys are the same, you need to be together.' We finally let him arrange a plan, but both of us said, 'Just drinks — I don't want to be stuck with someone for a whole boring dinner.' We said the same thing without even knowing!"

On handling domestic life when she and her husband are both working: 

"My work comes in waves. If I have an album coming out, it'll be about a month of craziness where I have to travel and do promotions, and then it calms down. If I'm working, he stays at home with the kids, and if he's working, I stay home. That is a family priority commitment without leaving aside my other family — my fans."


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