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ATLien Rapper/Producer/Actor/Philanthropist CHRIS "LUDACRIS" BRIDGES joined the film franchise, FAST And FURIOUS, on its second film, 2003’s 2 FAST 2 FURIOUS, in 2003!!!

LUDACRIS has since appeared in the past three films, including the upcoming FURIOUS 7, which significantly amps up the action-packed stunts and high adrenaline chase sequences.

The movie drops Friday, April 3, the same week as the rapper’s ninth album, LUDAVERSAL, and both have LUDA promoting each with equal fervor.

PLAYBOY Journalist EMILY ZEMLER caught up with LUDACRIS at the press junket for the FURIOUS 7 and was able to capture his attention for the PLAYBOY LUCKY 7.

Here are some interview highlights:

What’s made you want to keep coming back for more movies in this franchise?

 I’m just as excited as the fans are when it comes to “How the hell are we going to top ourselves?” But there’s underlying themes that go along with the movie that are bigger than the movie itself, you know what I mean? Family loyalty. You can talk about cars and action and theatrical experiences, but the deep-rooted family loyalty theme that goes on alone is what keeps me moving.

What was the craziest stunt you got to do in the movie?

My character is more of the guy behind the scenes, but I did get a fight scene, which I was very happy about. There’s a martial art called 52 Blocks that I’ve been practicing for years. That was my fight scene because I’m always in the computer room and somewhere locked up and I don’t get much of the action. It’s all these skill sets that people didn’t know I had. It wasn’t in the script. I had to fight for that fight scene.
When you’re making these movies do you ever worry about whether something could actually happen in real life?

 I think a little bit of that is what going to the movies is all about. People want that adrenaline rush and they want that escapism. I think people want that. That’s what you pay for – outrageous stunts!

And now, 5 questions from the PLAYBOY LUCKY 7 - LUDACRIS:

What was your first encounter with Playboy?

 It was sneaking into my dad’s friend’s closet to look at his Playboy magazines. I was maybe seven or eight. It was hilarious. I love that this publication has been going for so f*cking long.

What’s the first pop song you knew all the words to?

 D*mn. That’s a hard one. Probably Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.” [Sings] “Oh, I wanna dance with somebody/I wanna feel the heat with somebody.” That’s fitting, seeing as I was looking in the closet for Playboys.

What’s the first thing you bought with that first BIG check?

 A house! My mother was in real estate for the majority of her career so that was always a focus in terms of gaining assets, as opposed to liability stuff. I was taught to buy real estate. The house was in Atlanta, Georgia. Hell, yeah.

Let’s pretend you’re on death row: What’s your last meal?

 I love penne pasta with chicken and Alfredo. So I want a 1975 bottle of Petrus red wine. Italian food from Cafe Martorano, which is in Fort Lauderdale. And some Mr. Chow’s chicken satay. And the Mastro’s shrimp appetizer.

What was your first car?

 My first car was an Acura Legend, which is actually on the cover of my new album, Ludaversal, that comes out the same week as the movie. ’93 Acura Legend and I still have it. Over 283,000 miles. It represents where I started to where I’m at now. [The album cover] is a picture of the car and my private jet. 

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