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A One Woman Army: Rapper Gangsta Boo Reflects on Two Decades in Hip-Hop: Photo courtesy of Kelsey Fugere
MEMPHIS,TN-born-and-bred Rapper/Songwriter LOLA "GANGSTA BOO" MITCHELL has now been in the rap game for 21 years!!!

Discovered at a talent show by MEMPHIS rap group THREE 6 MAFIA, the young lady now known around the world as GANGSTA BOO got her start at age 14.

She would remain the only female in one of hip hop’s most influential groups, before going solo to release the hit, WHERE DEM DOLLAS AT?

As of late, GANGSTA BOO is in the middle of cutting a new record, which will likely give hip hop heads what they’ve always loved: rhymes that zigzag between cold-blooded barbs one moment and jokes the next, an exercise in concision that never feels canned.

It’s no surprise, then, that younger female rappers—whether they write their own lyrics or not—are indebted to her flow.

GANGSTA BOO sounds and looks just as fresh today as in 1991.

Now based in LA, the chocolate-covered femcee blesses PLAYBOY Journalist JONNY WALDEN with a few words for the PLAYBOY INTERVIEW: GANGSTA BOO.

Here are some interview highlights:

Last year was rough for members of the Three 6 family with the death of founding member LORD INFAMOUS and the warrant out on CRUNCHY BLACK.

 It was. You know Triple 6 is just a crazy group. We’ve been crazy since we were kids working together. Assuming you get crazier with time. Losing Lord Infamous was hard, and it brought out some awkward emotions. And, you know, it is what it is. Everyone is just moving forward and focused on themselves and their family.
Everyone is an adult now.

 Yeah, I’m the youngest one out of the bunch [at age 35]. I’m still an adult. They’re five, six years older than me.

What’s up with you and Juicy J. Is the beef between you two that’s been going on for at least a decade now killed?

 Yeah, I talked to him before I saw him and basically…communication rules the nation. There were misunderstandings on my part, misunderstandings on his part. We grown, so grown ups know how to move on and move forward and be positive. Keep it moving and focus on what you’ve got to take care of at this point.

As you get older, is the difference between your rap persona and who you actually are getting bigger? How does anyone in music or in the rap game age gracefully? How do you seem with it and not come off like…Madonna or someone?

 She’s way older—like mid 50s. I don’t want to see no one rapping some gangsta sh*t in their 50s, unless it’s in a movie or some sh*t. I don’t know though, stay current and youthful, pay attention to what’s going on around you.

I was just listening to some of the early Three 6 tapes (1991-1994), and if those came out now, they would both feel really ‘now’ and would probably be critically adored. Three 6 and DJ Screw basically invented trap music. You can hear it in Gucci Mane and T.I. and all these guys and also the influence on underground electronic music.

 Yeah, we were ahead of our time musically and lyrically. My sound is still out there, so strong. People request it. It helps when people still want what you’ve brought to the table, even if it’s years ago. That’s what’s helped me age gracefully in music.

What inspires you as an emcee?

 I listen to a lot of Project Pat [Juicy J’s older brother], when I’m trying to zone out. Old school Three 6 shit, you know. I listen to a lot of alternative rock. Sometimes I’ll go old school and listen to Marvin Gaye. It depends. I don’t have a particular genre of music I listen to. Sometimes I don’t even listen to much music and just do normal sh*t like watch TV all day. I draw my inspiration from anything.

So you watch a decent amount of TV then?

 I do. I’m a f*ckin' couch potato. My life is so hectic so when I’m having chill time, I’m having chill time. I do prefer to be busy, to be honest, but I do like watching TV. I’m not one of those people who say, “I don’t watch TV”. I watch TV.



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