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March 2015 has Luscious Latina NEW YORK CITY-native PLUS Model/AUTISM Activist CHRISTINA MENDEZ to cover the 2015 SPRING FORWARD FASHION ISSUE of DAILY VENUS DIVA!!!

CHRISTINA MENDEZ is a first generation American daughter of a father and mother who both were born in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, and she is a proud graduate of MORRIS BROWN COLLEGE.

Here are some interview highlights:

You’re one busy woman.  By the time our readers see this interview you would’ve hosted your Spring/Summer event with Simply Fashion.  Are you excited?
Yes, very excited. I am hoping this is one of many. They have over 400 stores and they are looking to roll this out on other locations.
That would be an amazing partnership.  What have you done to prepare for the upcoming event?
I have been shooting with them frequently so I am very aware of what they have at the stores and what is coming soon so I was able to reach out to a few model friends and get four amazing ladies that are going to look amazing in their clothes. Also, I got my MUA booked, travel ready, social media pumped and the rest I leave to God.
I am not shy at all and LOVE to rep for the curvy ladies so I will just prep like I am hanging out with a group of friends.
You mentioned that you reached out to a few model friends to help you.  How important is it for aspiring models to form quality friendships in the modeling industry?
I think it’s VERY important. The industry is smaller than it appears and your success in it is based on your relationships with others. I have model friends that are veterans and I have model friends that are aspiring and they can say I treat them all the same because in the blink of an eye the roles can change and I will need them to reach the next level in my career.
Who are some of the veteran model friends that you’ve befriended and what’s the best advice that you’ve ever received?
I love Ms. Jeannie Ferguson. I support her to the moon if I had to. I love her spirit and like I tell her we are #Teamunderdogs all the way. She says one thing that I love and believe in.  “I am not the best model or tallest but she and I are great hustlers and we know how to fit in where we can and make it work.”

You’ve accomplished so much during your career.  Why do you consider yourselves #Teamunderdogs?
In my 8+ years of modeling I had 3 agents that never believed in me and hardly worked me. 95% of my gigs have been booked by me. I never had a major agency represent me and to this day folks think I am this top agency model. SO I am an underdog because they are always likely to lose BUT when they win folks just love to hear the stories of how it happen.
Models are lead to believe that if you have no agent u will not succeed and that is not true its hard but not impossible. I am the poster child for that.  
In the past, when you’ve come across those agents that weren’t willing to work for you, how were you able to turn those setbacks into successes?
It was always so hard to get focused after signing up with an agent who you wished will help your dream come true and instead they bash you or your look, your modeling skills and the list goes on.  We are all human and YES, it bothered and set me back a month or so, but after the 3rd one I knew that maybe an agent isn’t for me. I wanted to make this dream come true and wanted to blame myself for not making it happen and not an agent for not believing in me.
I think it’s amazing that the negativity that you’ve encountered doesn’t affect your outlook.
Yes, I pushed through the negativity and allowed it to fuel my energy. I am thankful for the lessons because it makes my journey and story that much interesting.





Christina Méndez

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