Wednesday, January 21, 2015


50 Cent Opens Up About His Tech Obsessions, Rap Authenticity and Our Lucky 7:
One of the many hats CURTIS "50 CENT" JACKSON wears these days is owner and CEO of SMS AUDIO, makers of lifestyle headphones!!!

50 CENT made nerds happy last year by introducing a line of four STAR WARS headphones licensed by Lucasfilm, each of which takes their design cues from the Galactic Empire, the Rebel Alliance, Boba Fett and a Stormtrooper. (A second edition line of four new headphones — Chewbacca, R2-D2, Darth Vader and TIE Fighter — launches May 4, 2015).

PLAYBOY Journalist JOHN GAUDIOSI managed to catch up with 50 just long enough for him to answer a few questions.

Check out the TOP 5 from PLAYBOY LUCKY 7: 50 CENT:

What was your first exposure to Playboy?

 The first time I saw Playboy magazine was in my grandmother’s house. It was under her bed. It was my uncle’s, but it didn’t have the cover on it so you had to flip three or four pages in before you could tell it was Playboy. I knew exactly what it was. That’s the first time I saw it.

What movie scared you the most as a kid?

Candy Man. It’s crazy. Every time I looked in the mirror in the bathroom after I watched it, I’d hurry up and get out of that bathroom and go back in the room where everybody else was at. It was late when I watched it, and you shouldn’t really watch scary movies late when you’re a kid. Actually, growing up, the bathroom was the one place where you’d be by yourself because there were nine kids in my grandmother’s house.

Heaven forbid you end up on death row, what would your last meal be?

 Chicken Parmesan.

What was your first car?

 My first car was a Toyota Land Cruiser. I got it when I was 18. I thought I was a different person in that car. There’s something about a vehicle for men. The role that they expect us to play as traditional males would be the financial supporter or protector of your family, so when you get that car your confidence level will shoot through the roof. It’s not necessarily that the car gets you better or more attractive women, but the confidence connected to you having it allows you to meet much better women. They put the attractive woman in front of the actual cars on the newsstand and you walk past and you see her in a bikini — because immediately our eyes go to the attractive woman — and then the car part kicks in.

What’s the first song you knew the words to?

“ABC.” It’s easy as 123.


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