Thursday, January 15, 2015


The Playboy Conversation: Actor-Comedian Eric Andre: Photograph by Kyle Mizono
BOCA RATON, FL-native Comedian/Actor/TV Host ERIC ANDRE is born of a HAITIAN father and JEWISH mother, hosts ADULT SWIM series THE ERIC ANDRE SHOW, and has a meeting of the minds with PLAYBOY Journalist KARA WARNER for the PLAYBOY CONVERSATION: ERIC ANDRE'!!!

Here are some interview highlights:

How did they pitch this show to you?

They didn’t really pitch it to me. My manager just e-mailed me the script and I auditioned for Jay’s role and they were like, “Oh no, we don’t want you for the Josh role.” “I’m auditioning for Josh.” Then I didn’t get it and I’m like, “Oh, yay. No, that was a bad idea. Let me audition for Mike.” I met with [creator] Simon Rich when I was in New York. I just loved it. So I fought hard to get it.

How are you selling it? What type of experience it is? It’s not necessarily romantic…

The DVD short version was: Cartoon come to life. I use Walter Mitty as an example; it starts off in the real world and kind of travels into the fantasy world, a surreal world.

In the second episode the ex-girlfriend’s stuff — bras, razors, tampons — starts attacking Jay’s character, which is really funny. How did they shoot the fantastical elements? Practically or did you green screen it?

 It’s a combination of both. I think for the most part they did practical effects, and little things coming on wires, but if that wasn’t attainable they just did CGI. But I much prefer practical effects.

Was there a moment in time where you realized you were good at the awkward stuff?

 My entire life I think.

Is it that you enjoy feeling awkward yourself or you enjoy making people feel awkward?

I think both. I felt it, so I retaliated on the world to make the world feel it. No. I like celebrating panic attacks. My life has been full of anxiety so instead of trying to hide it or suppress it or cope with it I like fueling it.

I’ve heard you talk about the anxiety and what-not. The Jewish side. But it doesn’t come through in conversation right now.

 Really? I’m always a little nervous. I started meditating, which helps a tremendous amount. Exercising helps, therapy helps. So those are three things I didn’t do too much before. But no, I’m pretty anxious. I’ve gotten better.

And then the business you’re in. That’s a lot of pressure.

 I know. I don’t even know why I’m doing this. I really don’t. Sometimes I’m like, “What am I doing?” And I feel like I don’t belong here. I get those feelings, like I snuck into the back door of entertainment somehow. It’s like a fluke sometimes.

So how do you know how far to push with your street and subway gags?

I can’t always tell. You never know. I just am kind of bobbing and weaving and f*cking with a person enough, right up to the moment where they’re about to punch me. I’m usually doing something so crazy where I’m like covered in milk or something gross where they don’t want to touch me. So they want to punch me, but they don’t want to touch me. They’re like, “This dude.” And it’s on camera. They don’t know why I’m doing it. “So this is like a crazy person, how much do I want to get physical with this lunatic guy?”


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