Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Image Credits:  Photo by Armando Borges , Wardrobe by N.R.T. Fashions
December 2014 has Chocolate-Covered UGANDAN-CANADIAN PLUS Model/Activist/TV Host SUNDAY OMONY covering the GIFT GUIDE 2014 issue of DAILY VENUS DIVA!!!

Here are some interview highlights:

DailyVenusDiva.com: As a model, you’ve worked with several companies. When did you start modeling and what types of challenges have you faced along the way?
Sunday Omony: I started modeling when I was 16 years old. I was a size 4 straight-sized model doing mostly commercial editorial then runway. At the time, I felt great pressure to lose weight in order to maintain my thin frame. I was trying to achieve an unrealistic body that was unattainable for me.
DailyVenusDiva.com: When faced with those challenges, how do you overcome them? What do you do to unwind?
Sunday Omony: In 2004, I was introduced to the plus-size modeling division. I learned that I did not have to change myself to succeed in the modeling industry. I started to love my body and feel comfortable with my natural size. I feel that the plus size division is right for me because I know I’ll never be a size 4 again nor do I desire to be anymore.  
When I feel like unwinding, I enjoy traveling, practicing hot yoga, have a massage and listen to spa instrumentals in front of lit candles.
DailyVenusDiva.com: Tell us about your first modeling job. Who was it with and what did you learn from that experience?
Sunday Omony: My first paid modeling assignment was for a book called All Kids Have Dreams by Aspen. I was hired to model as a deviant youth. It was a fun and inspiring experience. The editor also gave me the opportunity to write in the book. What I learned working on this assignment was that everyone’s stories matter and sharing our experiences is vital.
DailyVenusDiva.com: You also have your own talk show. When and why did you decide to go in that direction?
Sunday Omony: In 2012, ShawTV gave me the opportunity to have my own talk-show on their network. I chose to challenge myself and learn a new skill. I am honored for the gift to share empowering and inspirational stories. I work with an amazing team of people who push me and teach me lots every time I am in the studio.

DailyVenusDiva.com: What is your personal mission as a model, talk show host and woman?
Sunday Omony: My mission as a model is to continue pushing the boundaries of fashion and showcasing the beauty of diversity. As a talk-show host my goal is to give a voice to young people and share uplifting stories. I am a woman who believes that women should support each other, complement one another and celebrate our accomplishments together.



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