Thursday, October 2, 2014


ATLien Rapper/Actor/Entrepreneur CHIS "LUDACRIS" BRIDGES speaks on NEW MOVIES, NEW MUSIC, and this weekend's ATLANTA FOOTBALL CLASSIC as he covers the new issue of ROLLING OUT!!!

Here are some interview highlights:

Let’s discuss the music. What’s it been like creating your new album, Ludaversal?
Right now, we’re going to break it up a little bit. I’m going to drop the EP before the end of the year. The EP is Burning Bridges. There’s been so much that has gone on and it’s been a minute since I’ve dropped an album and I think people think it’s all glitz and glamour. So there are a certain amount of songs where I’m just really talking about the issues and the adversities that I’ve gone through and some of it [includes] personal problems that I’ve dealt with. I’m giving people a little dose of music before I come with the entire album and go back to the fun loving Ludacris. Burning Bridges is a play off words because there is a song in there called “Burning Bridges” and my last name is Bridges. A few months later, we’re going to drop Ludaversal on March 31, which is the same week that Fast & Furious 7 comes out.
Speaking of Fast & Furious 7, you have done a great job of transitioning into film. How do you compare and contrast the process of making film and music?
Making a film has so many different elements. Someone else wrote the film, someone else is producing, someone else is directing, so it is a great avenue and challenge to play a part. But when it comes to music, you’re pretty much 100 percent on your own creative accord. The production may be from somebody else, but you have a blank landscape and you pretty much put your piece of art on when it comes to music. When it comes to movies, there’s pretty much only one element to it.
This weekend, you will serve as ambassador to the Atlanta Football Classic. How important is the Atlanta Football Classic to the city?
I think people need to understand that this is the second largest recurring college sporting event in Georgia, period. So this Atlanta Football Classic is a big deal and it does a lot for the culture and they continue to make it bigger and better each year by adding things like the robotics invitational, college symposium, they got a parade going on, the battle of the bands. It brings over 150,000 visitors into the city. So it’s good for the city and it’s good for the economy. It’s just to commemorate success in black culture and it’s just that nostalgic feeling that you get that’s unmatched and unparalleled to anything that you can possibly think of. It’s for the whole family.
100 Black Men of Atlanta has one of the largest mentoring programs in the nation. You have also mentored through your foundation. What advice do you give to the students that you help mentor?
I’ve been working with 100 Black Men for years on different things just trying to continue to be a positive role model in the community and to figure out how we can spark up conversation for change. It’s always good to lead by example. I always tell people to keep God first in their life and it’s not about the cards you were dealt, but how you play your cards. I feel like we have the greatest foundation because when you combine street smarts and book smarts together, you’re unstoppable. That’s pretty much what I try to tell them in a nutshell.

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