Thursday, October 9, 2014


NEW YORK CITY-native Fashion Designer ANGELA SIMMONS covers the new issue of ROLLING OUT!!!

Here are some interview highlights:

What does family mean to you?

 Family is really everything. It’s important to be close to your family. Sometimes family may not be your family, family [i.e., relatives by blood]. A lot of time, people choose friends as their family because they’re always around and impact you the most. I feel, once you reach 17 years old and you’re in high school, your friends are who you’re hearing and dressing like. So I do feel like friends play a major role when it comes to [defining] your family.

What lesson has your dad taught you?

 What has definitely stuck with me is do your best and forget the rest. It is such a simple saying but it means so much. When you apply it to anything in your life, it works. When you think it through, you’ve done all you could do, you’re done. Don’t beat yourself up about it. You’re done. It’s not worth beating yourself up over. Life is too short.

What about your mom?

 My mom is a super strong woman. She’s definitely taught me the value of working hard and getting what you need. Growing up, I witnessed her working two jobs, one a schoolteacher and another job in an optics place on the side. It really did something for me as I reached womanhood. I realize things change in life but you just keep going. Work hard at what you want and never give up.

What is your relationship like with your sister?

 We are really close. I feel like there was a [tipping] point where we got closer. We’re four years apart so it was like for a while, I wasn’t old enough and cool enough to hang out with her and then finally, one Miami spring break that I was finally able to hang with her. From there, it was like great [clap!] we can hang out now. Since, we’ve become business partners and best friends. We call each other whenever. It is super cool. Since she’s on the other coast, it is a lot of Face Time, phone calls and texts.

How cool is it to be an auntie to baby Ava?

 Yes. I am an auntie. She is getting so big. She lives on the West Coast. Whenever I get time off, I am like, I am in L.A. She’s my first niece, very near and dear to my heart. I love babies. The fact that my big sister had a baby is like whoa.

Your dad has a cooking show. What’s your favorite meal he prepares?

 Man, my dad, when I wasn’t a vegetarian, used to make me this burger, which I now eat vegetarian-prepared. He would make a burger and put an egg on it. I’ll never forget it. He’d been traveling and he came home and said, ‘Yeah, this what they do in California.’ My response was ‘Ugh!’ Man, after I tried it, I would go to every restaurant and ask if I could have an egg on my burger. I actually make it myself and when I go to a vegetarian restaurant, I ask for a vegetarian burger with the egg white on it.




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