Thursday, February 20, 2014


cover_Mike Epps
Comedian/Actor MIKE EPPS has revealed himself to be The CROWN PRINCE Of COMEDY, and covers the new issue of ROLLING OUT!!!

Here are some interview highlights:

Tell us about your role in the movie Repentance.

Repentance is a little bit of a stretch [from] what people actually see me do. Repentance is an action thriller starring Forest Whitaker, Anthony Mackie, Sanaa Lathan and myself. It’s a pretty dark movie, pertaining to family and mystery. You know it’s gonna keep people on their toes. I think people are really, really, really gonna enjoy this movie. It comes out on Feb. 28. I play a character by the name of Ben. Ben is a brother of Tommy, [who is] played by Anthony Mackie. Ben is someone who really loves his brother and is a support factor for him through the good and the bad in the movie. I kinda get dragged in Tommy’s web once he gets in trouble with Whitaker’s character, Angel. I had a past love interest with Sanaa Lathan’s character and Tommy really doesn’t know this. This movie is going to call for you to be a “thinker” and it’s not predictable.

How do you feel you have grown as an actor?

 I think I’ve done a great job growing up as an actor. A lot of people don’t realize that comedians come from a dark world. Comedians are really, really great transitional artists. It’s really easy for us to transition into dramatic acting because our world is so dark as comedians. We make people laugh. It’s like the story of the clown. So I think I have really grown as an actor. I started doing Friday movies with Ice Cube. I have worked with a lot of great artists like Whitney Houston, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Don Cheadle. Working with those actors, I have learned how to elevate my craft. I learned how to transition from being a comedian and give people the opportunity to show my versatility in the movie business.

Would you say the roles in Hollywood have evolved?

 The last movie I did was Sparkle. I think I wanna say that was the beginning of me evolving as an actor and getting the opportunity to show people I can do those serious roles outside of doing comedy.

What is the one lesson you have learned the hard way pertaining to your success?

 Doing movies for money and doing movies for the wrong reasons and not really doing it for the love of the craft. Anything that pertains to entertainment as an artist you have to be really selective to get the good quality out of your career. That’s one of the lessons I have had to learn and I am still learning.


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