Saturday, October 19, 2013


The ggod folks over at GENTLEMAN'S QUARTERLY are generally a well-traveled brood, so they share the benefits of their tedious work, and present to us - GQ: GQ CITY GUIDES - 22 FAVORITE PLACES In ATLANTA!!!

Here are their TOP 5:

Cardamom Hill

1700 Northside Dr. NW (404)
What’s better than Southern fried chicken? Southern fried chicken served Kerala-style, shimmering in coconut oil, with curry leaves and peach chutney. If you had no idea Southern Indian food got along so well with good ol’-fashioned Southern cookin’, Chef Asha Gomez’s Cardamom Hill will set you straight. Come hungry—did we mention that chicken comes with waffles (and a side of red-chili-flake-spiked maple syrup)?

Sid Mashburn

1198 Howell Mill Rd. (404)
It’s hard to heap even more praise on Sid Mashburn, but we’ll try. This shop is where genteel meets sprezzatura. It’s where old and young guys can commingle and experience one of the last extant examples of truly extraordinary customer service. The secret of Sid’s is the balance of sportswear and formal gear that checks off all your boxes: fit, quality, and a “damn that’s cool” factor. So not only will you find traditional tweed sport coats and double monks, but also playful Japanese floral popover shirts and highlighter-yellow Tretorn Nylites.

The Optimist

914 Howell Mill Rd. (404)
The Optimist is just about the biggest, prettiest, first-date-iest seafood temple you can imagine, with the added advantage of offering peel-and-eat Georgia shrimp, which may be the tastiest crustaceans you’ll ever put in your mouth.

Sister Louisa's Church of the Living Room & Ping Pong Emporium

466 Edgewood Ave. SE (404)
Church is the colloquial name for this zany two-story bar crammed with quasi-heretical folk art—try to imagine a nativity scene atop a beer sign, or a portrait of the Virgin Mary emblazoned with the question, “Who’s Your Daddy?” If that’s too difficult, just stop in here, where it’s all over the walls, just everywhere, and then upstairs is the ping-pong table; you wait your turn while sitting on church pews. It’s an altogether strange place, but pleasantly so. Yuengling costs $3, which is nice, and it’s not even the cheapest thing on the menu (mac and cheese goes for $2). If the scene inside gets to be a bit much, flee out back and enjoy your refreshments on the patio.

The General Muir

1540 Avenue Pl B-230 (678)
Picture everything you love about a New York-style Jewish deli—the bagels with a schmear, the latkes with applesauce, and the pastrami sandwiches with a gut as thick as an encyclopedia, and then transport them to a gleaming, spankin’ new space near Emory University, where everything down to the warm chocolate babka is made in-house. Your grandpa had the New York deli—after a visit to the General Muir, you can proudly claim Atlanta’s.


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