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2 Chainz Interview
ATLien Rapper/Producer/Actor 2 CHAINZ recently had a sit-down with NECOLE BITCHIE Correspondent BIANCA GOLDEN, during which time he spoke on the why and how he went from TITY BOI to 2 CHAINZ, dealing with being in the SPOTLIGHT and sacrificing PRIVACY,  his MOTHER, and being a father to  two GIRLS!!!

Enjoy the highlights:

1) He describes his music as “mainstream ratchet”:

My definition of mainstream ratchet would be something that starts from a hole in the wall…can be even be a $5 a dance strip club in Atlanta, and it makes its way across seas to France. Across Europe and Germany and all these other different international areas. That’s what I consider mainstream ratchet. A lot of songs I made originally started off in these small areas in Atlanta and they just grew and grew until I needed new pages in my passport.

2) 2 Chainz is symbolic of him getting a second chance in music:

 I talk about that a lot. My faith and my fear of God. How people don’t even get a first chance and I got a second one. That’s kinda like, 2 Chainz doesn’t always mean I’m gonna have on two chains. It also means that this is my second chance.

3) Changing his name from Tity Boi To 2 Chainz helped his Career:

 Definitely did. [2 chainz] was definitely more family friendly. Children can say it. ‘Tity Boi’ is still my name. It’s a name that I didn’t make up. It’s a name that came from the family. Tity Boi means only child, spoiled brat. Nothing derogatory towards women. Me and my mama had a strong relationship so people used to be like, ‘You’re a titty baby.’ It was just a joke that just grew with me. So when it was time for me to rap and all that, it was just like, ‘Tity Boi.’ It wasn’t MC Slim or whatever. With 2 Chainz it was just a natural progression. Rappers always have AKAs. There’s still some I haven’t put out yet. 2 Chainz was one of them.

4) He sacrifices his life for the sake of entertainment:

 I give all my privacy up. People know where I’m gonna be before I get there because I’ve sacrificed my life for the entertainment of someone who’s a 2 Chainz fan. I work hard. I have sleep deprivation. I stay up all night. I try to record. I try to think about what I’ma say before I say it.[...]Some of the best people in the world sacrifice themselves for the better entertainment of everybody [like] Michael Jordan, Floyd Mayweather, [and] Kobe Bryant. Floyd Mayweather doesn’t drink or smoke. He’s in Vegas, Sin City, and you don’t do that just so you can whup somebody’s azz for us? That’s big!

5) He brought his children’s mother and mom to the BET Hip Hop Awards:

 It’s in Atlanta. [My children's mother] doesn’t travel that much. I actually brought my mother, too. My mother had never been to the awards. By me being in Atlanta, by me being from Atlanta…last year I took one of my homeboys, too. Sometimes these things become very regular to the person that it’s happening to. You don’t realize how effective it can be to someone else’s life. I took my daughter one year. I took my partners. Different events, not just award shows. You just want to expose them to different red carpet events
6) He hopes he inspires other to get up off their couch and do something productive with their lives:

 I have a list of things that motivate me. That’s the thing, when people ask me know how I do it…I run out of pages. I run out of characters. I feel like I’m somebody that’s inspirational that makes you want to get your a– off the sofa. Go get you some money. Think of ways to bring in different streams of income.Everything is so accessible with the Internet these days so I just try to practice what I preach.

When times get like that I have this natural defense mechanism. If I want to give up I actually start working harder. For me it’s not a moping period. It’s a scrambling period. I gotta do something. I have to fill my schedule up with something to do. I’ve definitely been discouraged before, but not wanting to quit. My father told me not to be a quitter so those things stuck with me.

7) He had a threesome when he was in the 7th grade and his perception of women hasn’t changed since he became famous:

 I feel like a lot of artists become who they are once they get on TV, and for me I was already this person before being on TV. I was already popular. I was good in sports. I had my first threesome in the 7th grade. It’s a little different from everybody else. My kids won’t be doing or exposed to some of the things I was exposed to. Being that I come from Atlanta and been going to strip clubs since I was like, 15 years old, a girl could walk in here naked and I won’t be super aroused. Strip clubs in Atlanta, everybody’s naked. You’ll look crazy just walking around [aroused]. You have to learn how to control yourself at a young age in Atlanta.
I’ve been exposed to sexy, beautiful women. Being from the South, Atlanta, Florida, these kind of places, these regions, women feel free to walk around topless, bottomless and things of that nature.

8) He loves his mom Ms. Epps, but he also describes her as demanding:

 My mom is very headstrong. She believes in God as well. She’s someone that you don’t really want to cross her path. I think she has an attitude. I know she’s gonna see this. She knows she has an attitude. Very demanding. Words like that describe my mom.
My mom never hit me, but this one time I went to this club in Atlanta.  It’s called Cherry Showcase, and it’s this big club for grown-ups. But the thing about the club is it had a basketball court right outside. A whole court that people would hoop in. By me being so tall and them not asking for I.D., I’d go into the club at like midnight. My mom was worried sick at like, 2 or 3 o’ clock. I’m not home. I’m just caught up with playing basketball all night. We’re leaving the club, walking down the street and this car pulls up. She’s like, ‘Oh Ty, what are you doing? I’ve been looking for you all night.’ She throws me in the car go home. Don’t nobody say nothing. Quiet, quiet, quiet. I get up super early. My friend had a Nintendo, so I go to his house to play the Nintendo. I guess when she got up in the morning to look for me I was gone again. So when she saw me she just slapped the s–t out of me. She slapped me and then she started crying. I was just looking like

On what he’s learned from his mom:

 Definitely to believe in God and to believe in yourself and to really be a hustler. As I look back, she ain’t neva give up.

9) He’s still unsettled over his father’s passing:

 He was in prison a lot but we still had a close relationship. I’m an only child. He passed last year right in front of me so it was just things that we talked about, things that we didn’t talk about. As an artist and me not really having time to reflect, it’s unsettling for me. I always talk about him because to me he was a man’s man.

10) Fatherhood has taught him that he has to be a role model to his daughters:

 You are a role model, whether you want to be one or not. There is someone always watching, by me being an entertainer, you have to be careful. My life is definitely separate from 2 Chainz but I want to have a conversation with my daughters and letting them know, this is what is feeding the family.  And then by you having a daughter, you want them to grow up in a certain light.  By me crossing paths with lots of different women, it creates a taste for certain type of women, and you want them to be raised properly.




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