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GOOD SATURDAY NIGHT to ALL of My CRAZY COOL GROOVY Luscious Loving Ladies of ALL Colors, Shapes, Sizes, Flavors, Persuasions, and Denominations!!!

Ya Boy CCG just loves him some YOU, so; from time to time, we here at CRAZY COOL GROOVY!!! present some helpful info to help you, u, You, U, and ALL of YOU to assist in taking care of YOURSELVES.

MADAM PREZIDENT and MY TINY SECRETS have taken the time from their busy schedules to present you, u, You, U, and YOU with this list of 12 THINGS EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW ABOUT HER VAGINA.

Read On:

1.) Female Hygiene is First

Your vagina is most affected by how clean it is, and how it is cleaned.
  • Keep the area clean through your normal cleaning regimen, but you might also consider using a different soap on the vaginal exterior (washing inside the vagina can mess with your Ph balance and cause infection and irritation) than you use on the rest of the body. Use mild soaps with no perfumes or dyes.
  • Rinse, rinse, rinse!Rinsing with extra water helps clear the area of extra build-up and discharge, and can leave the vagina smelling fresh.
  • Consider shaving. Pubic hair is a trap for sweat and dirt, and can hold odors. You don’t have to completely shave the hair off to see improvement; just consider grooming.
2.) Know what your vagina looks like for health’s sake

Vaginas are not scary and are not to be looked at only at the time of washing. Don’t be shy because it is your body, and haven’t you ever wondered what it looks like down there? Well wondering, looking and feeling around (with clean hands) is a good thing and something that should be encouraged so you get to know what is normal and healthy for you.

So that if something changes down there you know what is not healthy and when professional health should be found.

3.) You are what you eat...

They say, “You are what you eat,” and to some extent that is true. What you choose to eat definitely has some effect on the smell and taste of the vagina.
  • It’s important to remember that every woman’s body is different. So some women will see huge differences form dietary changes, while others may not notice a difference at all.
  • Foods that have a negative effect on odor and taste: Alcohol, garlic, onions, cauliflower, asparagus, cabbage, red meat, dairy, and broccoli.
  • Foods that have a positive effect on odor and taste: Citrus fruits, like pineapple and grapefruit; berries; bananas; and almonds.
  • Eat yogurt regularly. Yogurt that contains live cultures helps restore PH-balance and fight infection.
4.) You can still contract an STD even if you use a condom

It’s a huge let down but, it’s the reason why sleeping with completely random men may not be the best idea. At least if you run in the same circles, you may have gotten word if the guy had something! 

If the skin of the vulva comes into contact with affected skin on the scrotum, you can still catch an STD.

5.) Use it or lose it

This typically only applies to post-menopausal women but, an unused vagina can form fragile tissue and even shrink, making sex difficult and painful.

6.) Touch the clitoris if you want an orgasm

It is not common for woman to reach an orgasm from only stimulating the inside of her vagina. Stimulating the clitoris is what will give you an orgasm if it is touched right of course, and in a way you find turns you on. For those women who do orgasm during vaginal penetration, they have obviously figured out how to pleasure the clitoris at the same time, either from gentle positioning or from directly stimulating the clitoris with fingers.
7.) A simple tip to finding the G spot

First off, the G spot is in a different place for every woman so don’t get frustrated if you can’t find it right away. However, in general it is along the front wall of the vaginal canal. Some women are able to find it by using their finger in the “come hither” motion, and doing that up and down the wall until they hit the spot. Of course, a man may not always be able to find that.

But it’s nice if you have the info to try to direct him!

8.) Your vagina doesn’t have to smell like roses

Or be “douched.” Just because hundreds of products have been created to help you “clean up” your vagina, doesn’t mean that’s what men want. If you like to use those products—okay. But don’t use them out of insecurity.

A vagina is meant to smell like a vagina.

9.) Your pap can only detect one type of cancer

And that’s cervical. It doesn’t scan for cancer on your ovaries, uterus or your colon.

So if you’re concerned about those, see the proper health care professional.

10.) Needing lubrication is normal

Plenty of women struggle to become naturally lubricated. Don’t feel like you’re the “kinky” one by standing in the K-Y aisle at the drug store. Comfortable and enjoyable sex is your birthright.

So go get it.

11.) Sound Effects

The queef. This is the sound that mimics gas coming out of your vagina. If this happens to you, don’t think your guy is thinking, “What is wrong with this woman?” He’s surely experienced it before. The queef is simply what happens when air is pushed into the vagina during intercourse, and a switching of positions allows much of it to rush out.

12.) Your vagina is not a black hole

Whilst experimenting with what feels nice down there, you may be tempted to insert some objects to help you on your way. But even if you accidentally push something too small in too far and get it stuck, do not panic because you cannot lose something in your vagina. You may need to however, relax the muscles to get it out again, or even take an emergency trip to your doctors surgery if you have pushed it in far out of reach. Next time it is preferable to use something that has a bit of length to it. Just saying…

Just ignore it if it happens, and keep enjoying yourself.




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